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Yacht charter conditions in Greece. Useful information.

All you need to know about: Yacht chartering, The Charter party, Booking procedure, Life onboard.

Looking for a different vacation?

Charter a sailboat from Athens and enjoy sailing in Greece !  Be informed of our sailing activities.  With a few thousand of islands and isles, Greece remain a true sailors' paradise !!

Standard chartering conditions.

The summer charter period in Greece: From April to November.

Crewed boat:  Minimum one day charter (any date) upon availability. Permission for sailing max. 6 Beaufords.   

Sailboats: Minimum 7 days, always from Saturday early in the afternoon to Saturday morning.  Upon request possible otherwise.   Permission for sailing max. 8 Beaufords. 

All chartering in Greece is based on a standard type of agreement.  The skipper always is part of your group.   Swimming, diving, sailing, BBQ - You can visit 5-6 islands in a week with comfort.

Crewed or Skippered charter? what is different?

On a Crewed charter you by a full board (or half-board) stay with Captain, Hostess, Sailor.  Luxury privet cruise, most of times on bigger motor yachts, or bigger catamarans, or traditional boats.    

On a Sailboat rental with or without skipper, you are tenant of a 'bareboat' yacht charter so, you leave a security deposit and you set a bond for the supplementary costs (fuel, skipper, water, outboard, household, port fee). All boat charters in Greece follow the above terms.

Bareboat yacht charter

Requirements: Two sailing certificates or 1 certificate  &1 signed declaration proving a certain sailing experience to maneuver a sailboat.   Bareboat charter means that you will skipper the yacht yourself with some help from your crew.    Always requested a security deposit of 1500-3000€, depending the length and model of yacht.  

Arriving on board, you will have to deliver the yacht and its equipment from the charter agency or from the owner (check-in).   From this moment and until its redelivery back (check-out), you remain responsible again Third party and passengers, as well for any damage, loss, or accident could arrive in a port or at sea.   Useful information regarding the local sailing conditions will be provided.  

Bareboat yacht charter with skipper

It is desirable: One certificate or one signed declaration or nothing / short check-in, No check-out / Some times the deposit can be lower.   This one has an advantage, that the skipper is on board and you are sailing on his guidance.  The skipper should manage to do everything within his working hours every day or so and after that to stay alert for the rest of the day, but also during the night. 

You can compare holidays with sailing practice.  The skipper will show places on land and sea that you would very rarely chance up on yourself, but the most important he guaranties you carefree sailing holidays and he is a local guide 7/7 days.  Best choice for families with children. 

Bareboat 'yacht cabin charter' with skipper

It is desirable: One certificate or one signed declaration or nothing / No check-in, No check-out / No deposit or it is limited.    You are following a pre-fixed sailing schedule.   This option fits mostly for singles, couples and small groups of friends or small families.

It is the easiest way to enjoy hands on sailing, without the hassle of complicated advanced of planning. You can 'hop on and off' the boat during weekly outings at certain predetermined stops with easy access by ferry, by plain or by bus.

The life on a sailboat:

A typical day on board is to sail from one island to another and include a swim-stop to a beach bay near or close to the direction of each day's destination.   The yacht should stay overnight in port through during one week charter, the skipper can agree and schedule one or more nights "on the anchor" in a bay.  

In general the joy of living on the water, to share wonderful moments of affective intensity with family and friends, to attend every day marvelous spectacle of nature and visit various regions accessible only by sea, this happiness therefore greatly surpasses minor annoyances of domestic life. It allows you to discover multiple places of dream without change your home comforts. 


  • From Charterer / Agent / Owner: To comply with the terms of the charter party and cancellation policy.
  • The Agent, the skipper and the Owner cannot and WILL NOT be held liable for any injury or any personal accident of persons on-board or on land, nor to the loss or damage of any personal property of the charterer and his crew during the charter period.
  • Our destinations starting from Athens.

    1. The Saronic islands and East coasts of Peloponnessus:  Pretty average wind, more relaxing navigation, shorter stopovers (15-20 miles among the islands)

    2.  The CYCLADIC islands:  Average wind or stronger, active navigation, longer stopovers (20-30 miles among the islands).

    The security on board.

    Our yachts are equipped with all safety and navigational devices. They are insured against Third Party as well against the pollution of the sea. We are always proposing an additional personal insurance for the duration of your cruise. More info here:

    2017 Charter periods / Prices are decreasing according the charter period:

    D (very low): 14/10/-25/11/ - C (low): 29/4/-27/5/ & 23/9/-14/10/ - B (medium): 27/5/-22/7/ & 26/8/-23/9/ - A (high): 22/7/-26/8/ 

    Cancellation policy:

    In the event of cancellation by the Charterer for any reason after booking, all advance payments will be settled as below:

  • Booking cancelled more than 60 days prior embarkation, 30% retained of the total charter, plus 100 € administration and bank fee.
  • Booking cancelled between 59 and 36 days prior embarkation, 50% retained of the total charter, plus 100 € administration and bank fee.
  • Booking cancelled less than 35 days prior embarkation, NO refunds.

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