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SUN☼SAILING - Friendly Yacht Charters in Athens

Yachting Cruises and Sailing Vacations in Greece. We are professional yachtsmen, we manage our vessels and we can sail with you. With over 30yrs on the Greek seas, we have knowledge and experience to offer carefree sailing vacation in Greece. Sailboats, Catamarans, Traditional Crewed Classic yachts for chartering in Athens at affordable prices.

 Sun☼Sailing proposes an exciting vacation experience in the East Mediterranean.  Families, Groups, Seniors, Couples, Singles, you are welcome on board.  With ±19.900 km of coastline - more than 3.000 islands and islets - clear waters - blue sky - archaeological cities - traditional or cosmopolitan villages... Greece remains a true sailor's paradise for yachting vacation! 

Dears Friends, the Catholic Easter is over and I believe you are all in good health. With the current conditions I was not feeling to 'wishing a Happy Easter' as usual, but I am feeling wishing you the next one to be a 'Happy Easter' as before!! Under these current conditions, I would like at least to wish a 'good summer season' as a starting point for a return to normal conditions. Officially Greece welcomes you from end of May to discover Greek islands by sailing. Happy holidays 2021. https://www.sunsailing.eu (EN)  https://www.sun-sailing.com (FRhttps://www.sunsailing.gr (GR)  
'COVID-19 and Yacht Chartering in Greece'

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'Atlantis43' sailing with spinnaker