Greece: Safe and Healthy Destination 

The Protocol for Arrivals in Greece

-- COVID-19 is the hot topic of this period. Under these conditions, we are working hard to drum up new bookings and we are continuing to deliver amazing vacation experiences for our guests, from April until November.

--Looking forward to better conditions, we are doing our best to organize your 'Sailing Holidays 2021' in Greece (Sailboats, Catamarans, Motor-Sailers) following our 'friendly services' policy. Please feel free to contact us even for 'last-minute bookings'.

-- We also remind you that Greece has the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the Community (still today), compared to the population. In addition, with a bright sun, a warm and dry climate, is the perfect destination to the South-East of Europe for 'Sailing Holidays 2021', away from big centers of people.

-- COVID-19 The Protocol for arrivals in Greece:  Learn more here before purchasing your air tickets. 

-- In good cooperation with you, we will be able to minimize any negative impact.

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