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Yacht charter in Athens - Booking procedure

How to choose a yacht charter in Greece. We propose different vessels, each one has different qualities and pricing structures, according to the size, charter period and type of yacht (sailing boats, catamarans, motor-sailers).

Most of the sailing boats accommodate up to 10 people, and fewer up to 12 people, both in 4-5 cabins. Catamarans have higher chartering cost comparing sailing boats.

As a standard in Greece, yacht-chartering starts Saturday afternoon ±17.00h, ending Saturday morning ±09.00h, (7 charter days).  Upon request otherwise if possible. Booking & cancelation policy lower in the page.  

About sailing the Greek seas: Particulars local weather conditions in the Aegean Sea (often strong winds / short waves), traditional public ports, most of them with limited places for pleasure yachts, (not organized marinas), only stern mooring using anchor, often to use the dinghy for your outing to the island.

If you are experienced in offshore sailing and competent for all above in handling a sailing boat, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the islands under a bright sun. Useful information for local sailing conditions will be furnished.

But if you like your first sailing cruise in Greece to be carefree and without any responsibility, then a local skipper will ensures carefree sailing and a 24/24h guide onboard, taking care of you and of your rental yacht. 

Yacht rental in Greece, first steps:

  • 1) Determine size, model, accommodation of yacht, as well departure & return ports.
  • 2) Determine the exact dates of your cruise duration (Saturday to Saturday =7 days).
  • 3) Will you need a skipper or you are competent and qualified to sail a yacht?
  • Running costs: Fuel, boat water, port fee, end cleaning. Optional: skipper, hostess.

Standard conditions for a bareboat yacht charter.

Any sailing boat or catamaran rental in Greece with or without local skipper is always a 'bareboat rental’.  A refundable security deposit (2000€-3500€) by credit card or cash it is required, (when skippered could be reduced or not requested). It will be refunded in total when the yacht will be re-delivered back (check-out) in the same condition it was at the departure. 

Choice 1.  Crewed luxury yachts:

  • Private luxury cruise with Traditional Classic Yachts (type Gulet/Kaïki/Caïque or Motor-Sailer) with permanent crew of 3-5. Full board or half board on board.  A.P.A. 35% is required in advance.

Choice 2. Bareboat Yacht charter with a local skipper

  • Desired: Some sailing experience or nothing. A skippered yacht charter means that you hire a local skipper.  This ensures carefree sailing holidays and 24/24h a guide on board.  The local skipper will take care of you and of your rental boat.  User-friendly navigation, best choice for families.  A skipper will cost ±150/day +VAT, a hostess ±120-±130€/day +VAT. The skipper will not clean or do groceries, but a hostess will.  No check-in, no check-out.  agreement of 'Atlantis 43'

Choice 3. Bareboat Yacht charter without a local skipper

  • Requirements:  Two valid offshore sailing certificates onboard from two (2) competent and experienced skippers on handling a sailing boat, accompanied by a signed on spot official declaration proving their knowledge and experience to sail offshore a sailing boat (or catamaran) under sails,  or,  one (1) valid offshore sailing certificate as above, and from a second competent and experienced on sailing person onboard, a signed official declaration on spot, proving his knowledge and experience to sail offshore a sailing boat (or catamaran) under sails. 
  • A bareboat charter means that you will skipper the yacht with some help of your crew.  Your skipper will remain the person in charge until the check-out back at the base. Bareboats do best when there is some role in the team. Security deposit required (2.000 €-3.500 €), as well check-in and check-out of yacht.  Bareboat Agreement

4. Cabin charter with experienced skipper +half board

  • Desired: Some sailing experience or nothing. This is the easiest way to enjoy hands-on sailing without the hassle of complicated advanced of charter planning.  You are chartering only a double cabin or a single berth with 'half board’ services on board.  Best choice for Singles, Couples and small Groups of friends.  You share the same boat with others with the same interests as you, and you are following a pre-fixed sailing schedule. No responsibilities on navigation.

5. Chartering one way cruise

  • Choosing a 'one-way cruise' from one charter base to another you will be able to move more away.  Also, a 'one-way cruise' when downwind gives you a longer range and is usually more comfortable than a windward beat.  Additional fee for covering the way back of the yacht (skipper’s fee, fuel, tickets), unless it is proposed in advance as a 'transfer of yacht' between 2 charter bases.       

Booking procedure, confirmation, charter-party

Once has been agreed your yacht choice, the yacht will be on hold for your dates. To ensure the holding yacht for your dates, an initial deposit (35% -50%) is required in order your rental to be confirmed.  Balances must be received in total until 30-40 days prior embarkation date, or otherwise has been agreed. More info here.

A signed agreement will complete the charter procedure (official document in 5 copies). It is your responsibility to read it carefully. The amount of yacht fee is showing only on the charter party, otherwise, any extra cost will incur additional taxes.  bareboat agreement (pdf),  skippered agreement (Atlantis 43) pdf.

2023 - Our chartering periods:

D: May & October.  - C: June & Sept.  - B: July.  - A: August.

Responsibilities - Cancelation - Insurance

Both parties to comply with the terms of the signed agreement and of our booking & cancellation policy. Any cancellation by the Charterer after the initial deposit and prior to the charter period (dates) must be notified in time by e-mail or by letter.  

All suggested vessels are insured against Third-party liability, sea pollution and serious damages to the hull, machinery, and equipment.  We advise extra personal travel insurance for the duration of the cruise. More info online here: 

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