Brief Sailing Guide for Greece - Sailing Basics


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A brief  Yachtsman's Guide for sailing Greek Waters. Sailing basics for local sailing. Brief information for pleasure boating and yacht chartering for sailing the Greek islands:  Local conditions - Navigation - Sails - Marinas in Greece - Weather forecast - Marine glossary - Maps, etc

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Information below it is merely informational only

CAUTION: Information regarding navigation, mooring, and general boat handling is just advice and suggestions under certain conditions and should NOT be used as it is for navigational purposes. The skipper of any vessel has the ultimate responsibility to judge and decide the necessary actions required in each case separately and which must be based on his/her own estimates and on his/her own data and not only on our information as showing below.

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About Local Winds & Weather Conditions

Greek Marinas Name List

Navigation and Maps

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Marine glossary English - French