Skippered? Bareboat? Crewed? Cabin? Naturist?


How to charter a Yacht - Sailboat from Athens.

We propose different sailboats and yachts. Each one has different qualities, pricing structures and menu selections. Our effort is to present these options and help you to book the vessel that is right for you. If you have a total budget or a budget per person, we can direct you more easily.

Any extras in chartering (final cleaning, fuel, skipper, hostess, food, port fee, local transfers, etc.) are paid directly on the spot in cash before yacht departure (the guarantee deposit by credit card) and they are not included in the contract. It is very easy to recover cash from your bank account, through any ATM machine of Greek banks 24/24h. 

Sailboat rental in Greece, the life on board:

A sailing cruise is a unique experience in total cohesion with nature.  It allows you to discover multiple dream locations accessible only by the sea and without ever changing your housing!  This is the only way for visiting 5 islands in comfort in the week.  Departure in the morning, sailing and stop in a wild cove for swimming, rest, lunch and then arrival in a typical port in the afternoon. 

    Booking procedure:

  • 1) First determine the size & accommodation of the yacht you're interested and your departure and return port.
  • 2) You have also to determine the exact dates of your cruise duration, (Usually Saturday to Saturday).
  • 3) Will you need a skipper or someone from your group is competent and qualified to sail the yacht?

If you are not quite sure what you want, maybe you'll be helped by exploring our website and our pictures, then, thank you to contact us for more specific information.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

Each yacht is priced differently.  Rental fees vary according to boat size, model, period and charter duration. 

    Standard conditions for a bareboat yacht charter in Greece.

  • Any chartering of sailboats in Greece with or without local skipper is always a ‘bareboat rental’, so you have to cover some additional costs like skipper, gasoil, boat water, port fee, final cleaning, and leave a refundable guarantee deposit (when skippered sometimes is reduced or not requested).
  •  Bare boating in Greece requires two competent crew in total on board presenting 2 sailing licenses or one license and one person from your crew signs a declaration proving his (her) knowledge to sail a yacht.  Check-in & Check-out. 
  • Rental duration: Minimum 7 days from Saturday afternoon around 17.00h, to Saturday morning around 09.00h. Upon request otherwise and depending on the charter period. Return back to the base the day prior of the disembarkation day (Friday) in the afternoon / check-out.

Choice 1 - Crewed yacht. Luxury vessel with permanent crew:

Full board or half board yacht chartering with a permanent crew of at least one captain and one hostess. Private luxury cruise in motor yacht, or traditional vessel, or big sailboat, or big catamaran. The full or half board & boat consumables (diesel, gasoline, water) are required in advance or included in the rental price. Navigation limits for motor boats 6 Beaufort.

Choice 2 - Bareboat. Sailboat without crew / without local skipper:

It is required: 2 sailing certificates, or 1 certificate and 1 signed declaration proving a sailing practice.If you are a qualified with sailing experience, then you can charter a bareboat yacht. Therefore, you will be the skipper and the responsible on board with the help of your crew. Check in & Check out.    Bareboat charter-party.

Choice 3 - Bareboat skippered. Sailboat without crew, with a local skipper

It is desired: 1 certificate (if any) or 1 signed declaration proving a sailing practice (or nothing). Skippered charter means that you hire a local skipper and you remain the second skipper on board. This will relieve you of responsibilities for the yacht and gives you a 24 hour local guide.      

The local skipper is not a permanent crew of the sailboat. He is proposed by the yacht owner as professional skipper on board. The skipper fully assumes his responsibilities while sailing for the safety of passengers and of the sailboat and you remain responsible for yourself, (we propose a personal insurance for the duration of your cruise).

You can participate as you would like, but also you can turn your attention to being closer with your family or friends. Best choice for families with children on board. The skipper will not clean or do groceries but a hostess will.       Skippered charter-party.

Choice 4 - Cabin charter +half board. Sailboat without crew, with a local skipper.

It is desired: 1 certificate (if any) or 1 signed declaration proving a sailing practice (or nothing). This is the easiest way to enjoy hands on sailing without the hassle of complicated advanced of planning. You are chartering a double cabin or a single berth with 'half board’ services on board. This option is more suitable for singles, couples and small groups of friends. You share the same boat with others with same interests as you. You are following a pre-fixed sailing schedule. No deposit required no responsibility on navigation, no Check-in, no Check-out.     Back on top

One way Charter: (Bareboat or Skippered)

Choosing one way cruise from one charter base to another you will be able to move more away. Also one way cruise downwind gives you a longer range and is usually more comfortable than a windward beat. One way charters come with an additional fee, covering the way back of the yacht (skipper’s fee, fuel, tickets, etc), unless it is proposed in advance as 'transfer boat charter' between 2 charter bases.   

Yacht charter booking procedure & confirmation:

If you have a total budget or a budget per person, we can direct you more easily. Upon receiving your final decision on yacht choice and dates, we will check our availability and we will put a hold on your dates. To secure a hold date, it is required an initial deposit.

A hold means that we will hold your dates and yacht choice for the next 3-5 working days, in order to confirm your rental by initial deposit. Deposit amounts vary from yacht to yacht and depending of early or late booking date ((30% - 100%).

Balances must be settled in total 40 days prior embarkation date. An amount of euro 500-1000 can be settled upon embarkation for 'extras' by cash only. It is very easy to recover cash from your bank account, through ATM machines of Greek banks 24/24 hours.    Back on top

Booking and Charter-Party Agreement:

In order to complete the yacht rental, a charter party needs to be signed between the contracting parties. All yacht rentals in Greece are based on a standard charter-party (official document in 5 copies).  The charter-party will be signed after the charter is booked or otherwise agreed.

In order to be completed the charter-party it is required: full name, postal address, nationality and a copy of ID card of the Charterer. We also will need copy of a document proving his/her sailing experience. The amount of yacht chartering is shown only on the charter party. Any extra charter cost (fuel, skipper, outboard, end cleaning, etc) can be reported as options only, otherwise they will incur additional tax.

Refundable security deposit: 

For all bareboat rentals a guarantee deposit of 1000-3000€ (accordingly the size and model of yacht) is requested upon the delivery by credit card or by cash.  This deposit will be refunded in total when the boat will be redelivered back in the same  condition it was at the departure. For a bareboat skippered yacht, often the deposit is not requested or it is reduced.

Additional costs:

Most of times 'extras' are not included in the prices like: end cleaning, outboard, skipper, hostess, port fee, fuel, tickets, etc.  should be provided as normal costs and they are not included in the charter party.


All suggested vessels are insured against: Third party liability, sea pollution and serious damages to the hull, machinery and equipment.  We advise an extra personal insurance for the duration of your charter. More info online here