Skipper of s/y ATLANTIS 43 - Who is Who


Vardis Georgakakis, skipper & manager of 'Sun-Sailing'

Capt. Vardis - Sailing CV

Captain Vardis Georgakakis,  manager of 'Sun-Sailing' and professional Greek skipper leaving in Athens.  Vardis has born at Crete (Greek) island on the East Mediterranean.  Studies on architectural design and interior decoration at 'Athens Technological Institute', as well as fashion designer at ‘Veloudakis fashion school’ in Athens.

With over 30+yrs of sailing the Greek seas and with several years of collaboration with 'Hellenic Offshore Racing Club' of Greece (member), Capt. Vardis continues organizing Sailing Holidays in Greece.  Since 1990 he has established 'Sun-Sailing' and he is still keeping her management.

Capt. Vardis   Vardis Certificate HORC   Vardis certificate 'Delphic'   Vardis certificate Motor-boat 

More than 30+yrs of sailing experience on the Greek Seas.

But his passion for sailing, for the sea and the adventure was stronger!  He got involved with windsurfing and then he finished professional sailing courses at ‘Hellenic Offshore Racing Club’.  Few years later, he starts working as professional skipper on yachts in Greece and Turkey.

Later he has attended a seminar on 'safety at sea' by the ‘Delphic Maritime Training Center’.  He has often traveled to the most European countries, and one long stay at USA.  Vardis is skipper aboard s/b 'ATLANTIS 43'.

With approximately ±2,200 miles of sailing per year in all Greek seas, Capt. Vardis continuous offering carefree sailing vacations in safety.

Vardis with crew   Vardis with Alain   Vardis at Gavdos island   Vardis' Volvo car 

130 miles solo windsurfing sailing adventure !!

In August of 1982 he reached his limits. Starting from Athens, he has sail all alone on his windsurf (TEN GATE 39), all the Saronic islands, (Aegina, Methana, Poros, Hydra, Porto-Hydra, Spetses).  From Spetses he sails direct to South-East coasts of Peloponnese (Kyparissi port ±20 miles) and he continue along the East coasts to Ierakas and finally ending at Monemvassia port: 130 miles in 9 days without any accompaniment!  A very useful experience for his future career as skipper aboard sailboats.

Local publication   Capt. Vardis at Hydra   Vardis publication   Vardis windsurfing 

Capt. Vardis has sailed almost all the Greek Islands, from Corfu island all the Ionian Islands up to the island of Gavdos south of Crete island (this is the southern point of Europe) and from Mount Athos (Macedonia) along the coasts of Turkey in the Aegean Sea, up to the (Greek) islands of Kastelorizo (the Eastern point of Greece) ± 70 miles South-East of Rhodes island, along the Turkish South-Eastern coast and even further until Antalya.

capt. Vardis with happy crew   Capt. Vardis windserfing   Capt. Vardis with familly   capt. vardis post card