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Map of Euboea (or Evia) Island

The ancient and current name is EVIA, (Euboea) which means "the land of well-fed oxen". The name of its capital is Chalkis (Chalkida) 35 km from Athens, and the other important cities are Edypsos, Eretria, Karystos. The history of the island of Evia is widely mentioned in the catalog of ancient ships. Both cities were colonized by the Ionian Greeks. They had also created colonies on the coast of Macedonian, and in southern Italy and Sicily, such as Cumae and Rhegium.

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The Greek archipelago includes: ± 3.000 islands and islets, only 227 are inhabited.  Coastline ±12,900 km of a national total of ±19,900 km.
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