Dear Guests and Partners

-- As you know already, COVID-19 is the hot topic of this period. Under these conditions, we are working hard to drum up new bookings and we are continuing to deliver amazing vacation experiences for our guests.

--Looking forward to better conditions, we are doing our best for 'Sailing Holidays 2020' in Greece with our «friendly services» policy.

-- Please feel free to contact us for 'last-minute bookings'. We advise the period from July to November. In Greek islands, the air quality is higher and population density is lower than other European destinations.

-- We also remind you that Greece have the lowest death rate from COVID-19 in the Community, compared to the population. In addition, with a bright sun, a warm and dry climate, (all negative for the coronavirus) is the perfect destination to the S-East of Europe for 'Sailing Holidays 2020', away from big centers of people.

-- We are confident that in working collaboratively with all of you, we’ll be able to minimise any negative impacts. We thank you in advance. 

Kind regards

The 'Sun-Sailing' Team

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